Hear what our clients have to say...

"Mr. Martin presented several course lectures which were well-organized, interesting, and highly motivating for our students."
~John Jarboe, Chairperson, Department of Health and Physical Education, Montgomery College

“We are pleased with the results of the workshop. I recommend this workshop as a useful tool for fitness Directors looking to implement new ideas in a strength training program.”
~Carol Bennett-Director, Racquet’s Edge Fitness Center



Fitness Workout #1

Bosu Workout (dumbells) | Download a PDF

Advanced-round side down, stand on flat side

Upright rows 8-12 reps
Shrugs 12
Overhead press 8-12
Front raises 12
Lateral raises 12
Bent over rows 8-12
Push-ups Failure
Biceps curls 12
Push-ups Failure
Dead lifts 20
Squats 20

Beg/intermediate, flat side down, stand on round side

Shrugs 12-20 reps
Front raises 12-20
Shrugs 12-20
Lateral raises 12-20
Push-ups  Failure
Squats 20
Biceps curls 12-20
Push-ups Failure
Squats 20
Biceps curls 20

Fitness Workout #2

The No-Equipment Workout (playground)

The Ladder
1st rung:1 pullup, 2 pushups, 3 sit ups,
2nd rung: 2 pullups, 4 pushups, 6 sit ups,
double every exercise until 10th rung, then go down the ladder form 9, 8 and so on. 
Rest minimal between rungs
2 minutes rest after the ladder:
20 squats, 20 walking lunges, 100 flutter kicks.  Then repeat. 

Fitness Workout #3

5-Minute Workout

The 5 minute full body-pick me up workout-that may be done in your office, home, bus stop, kids sporting event while you are watching, during a commercial break,or because it is quick:

Body weight squats to 30reps, 4 seconds per rep
Pushups to failure
Jumpings jacks x 30
Plank 45 seconds
Pushups failure
Jumping jacks 30 seconds
Squats, 20 reps
Pushups to failure
Squats 20 reps
Plank for 45 seconds

Fitness Workout #4

The Outdoor Workout

(Equipment needed: park bench, monkey bars, weighted bag, a strong tree branch for pulls if monkey bars are missing).  You can purchase a 40lb. sandbag or weighted vest that makes it more challenging than dumbbells.

1.   Pushups x 30
2.  Squats w/sandbag or dumbbells
3.  Overhead press w/sandbag or dumbbells
4.  Pull-ups x 8-10
Repeat sequence 2 more times.  Rest minimally between each exercise. 
1. Close grip push-ups x 15-20
2.  Close grip pull-ups x failure
Repeat sequence 2 more times
1.  One leg lunges w/foot on bench x 12, then switch legs
2.  Bench dips x 20
3.  Squat jumps on bench x 10
4.  Flutter kicks x 100
5.  Planks x 1 minute
6.  Wall squat x 1 minute
Try this every other day and for a week as a break from the traditional gym workout.


After a warm-up activity (bike, walk, run etc.. for about 10-15 minutes):
1.  Pushups x 5-10.  Facing back side of bench, place hands on top of seat back, arms shoulder width apart, legs back so body is about a 45 degree angle and shoulders above hands.  Slowly lower body only bending with elbows until your chest is near bench top, pause, then slowly press up. 
2.  Bench squats x 10.  Sit on bench seat with feet shoulder width apart and heels slightly in front of knees.  Slowly stand, pause near top w/o locking knees, then slowly lower.

Repeat sequence 2-4 times.  Try this every other day for two weeks.  Switch order and attempt to add more reps each set.