Corporate Wellness Program Benefits:

On-going corporate wellness programs are proven to be an effective way of lowering or stabilizing health care costs and improving employee productivity.

“Our obesity and smoking rates are roughly 70% of the national average and our health-care costs for four years have been held constant.”~Steven A. Burd-Chairman, Safeway Inc.

“ … 17 worksite exercise programs supports the view that these activities improve employee fitness and help reduce health risks. Employers also benefit from reduced absenteeism and lower medical costs."
~Institute of Aerobics Research in Dallas, TX.



Measuring Results

What sets us apart is our ability to program for the individual needs of our clients.

A major investment of any organization/corporation is in their people.  FitnessTalks! Corporate Wellness Program provides a tangible, structured format to enhance this resource.  FitnessTalks!  Wellness Workshop Series and Group Exercise Activities combined with Health Assessments, personalized Fitness Programs, and health care “Time Bombs” management, improves employee health & reduces health benefits utilization – improving the bottom-line.

The cost associated with unhealthy employees has been subtracting more and more off the bottom line every year!  Wellness Programs are turning this trend around.  
Our success is the result of our ability to help people assess their current health and fitness level, understand the implications of their current lifestyles, set achievable goals, motivate them to change, and measure their success.  We help employees take charge of their own health – responsibility versus entitlement.  The result is a more productive workforce & reduction in health benefits utilization & premiums cost!

FitnessTalks! program was designed by a team of health experts and physicians with over 150 years combined experience.  Our Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Chiropractics, Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy, and Fitness Experts have developed programs that address all aspects of Wellness; with a Stress Management, Nutrition, and Exercise Preventive Medicine perspective. 

Analyzing Data, Achieving Results

The results of the Functional Age Assessment are fed into our proprietary software, which determines the individual’s functional age, and produces a confidential chart comparing his/her functional age with the national averages.

LifeStyle Questionnaire

The LSQ provides individuals with the information they need to take charge of their own wellness. Answers to the questionnaire are fed into FITT’s LSQ software, which charts data results providing a confidential lifestyle profile in eleven key areas:
• Nutrition • Stress • Cardiovascular • Hypertension • Body fat • Sedentary lifestyle • Smoking • Cholesterol
• Alcohol • Back pain • Fatigue

Functional Age Assessment

The FAA has eight fitness tests:
• Resting heart rate • Flexibility • Blood pressure • Grip strength • Exercise heart rate • Upper-body strength
• Body fat • Abdominal strength