Hear what our clients have to say...

"Mr. Martin presented several course lectures which were well-organized, interesting, and highly motivating for our students."
~John Jarboe, Chairperson, Department of Health and Physical Education, Montgomery College

“We are pleased with the results of the workshop. I recommend this workshop as a useful tool for fitness Directors looking to implement new ideas in a strength training program.”
~Carol Bennett-Director, Racquet’s Edge Fitness Center



What's Included in the Corporate Wellness Program?

Wellness Program Overview

FitnessTalks! corporate wellness program includes:

  • Individual Health Assessments,
  • Wellness Education,
  • Strength Training & Aerobic Exercise,
  • Work Station Injury Prevention,
  • Nutrition, and
  • Stress Management

FitnessTalks! brings these elements together in one powerful program that improves the health of your employees and the Corporate Bottom Line:

  1. Health Assessment. FitnessTalks! assesses every employee’s health using confidentially protected FITT software by asking 35 questions concerning health, fitness, and overall lifestyle.  The LifeStyle Questionnaire© (LSQ); targets individual’s personal areas for change. The Functional Age Assessment© (FAA); a series of eight measurements and activities (blood pressure, resting heart rate, percent body fat, exercise heart rate, flexibility and three strength measurements), helps employees determine their current state of fitness and sets realistic goals.  Employees receive reports depicting their LSQ and FAA results.  During one-on-one or small group counseling sessions, FitnessTalks! helps employees develop individualized programs.  Follow-up assessments provide objective assessments of each employee’s progress.  Summery reports are provided to Corporate for overall change in health risk factors – Individual Confidentiality Protected.

  2. Education. FitnessTalks! provides employees the knowledge that will empower them to make healthy choices.  We provide individual counseling, small & large group instruction, and phone coaching:
      • FITT Facts Educational Materials key on the results of the LSQ© and FAA©.
      • Wellness Workshop Series informs and motivates large employee groups.
      • Fitness Fairs provide fitness assessments, screenings, and wellness information.

  3. Fitness Activities. Lunchtime power-walks, stretching, and strength straining activities bring employees together for positive exercise experiences; contributing to a health-oriented atmosphere within the company, along with work station ergonomics & intervention.

  4. Promotions and Incentives. Promotional materials raise employee health awareness and incentives encourage participation.  The greatest cost savings are accrued to companies that promote wellness through incentives.  Our clients experience savings in health costs, which greatly exceeds the investment in the wellness program.  FitnessTalks! works with clients to develop incentive programs that work as measured by employee participation & reduced health benefits utilization.

  5. Executive FITTness.  The FitnessTalks! staff works one-on-one with senior executives in their offices, to implement a wellness program tailored to their needs.   In addition to the LSQ and FAA, we work with executives at a separate fitness facility – aerobic, strength training, and stretching activities.

  6. Fitness Time-Bomb Management.  Fitness time-bombs, employees at high risk for Heart Attack, Stroke, Diabetes Type 2, Hypertension, Obesity, & Smoking.  These life-threatening health conditions receive individualized counseling and monitoring to facilitate improved/recovered health.

  7. Fitness Facility Management.  For clients with on-site fitness facilities, FitnessTalks! offers Management Services tailored to the Corporation’s needs.

  8. Wellness Intellectual Property.   FITT is the author of all Wellness/Health Education Services.  We offer immediate customization/editing to address the unique employee profile of your corporation, versus using, “generic” 3rd party Wellness/Health Education Service providers!