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Health Care Time-Bomb Counseling

Executive Wellness Counseling

Ergonomic Work Station Analysis

Corporate Fitness Center Management

Weight Control—Lifetime Focus

Workplace HIV/AIDS Education

Stress Management— Improved Quality of Life


News Items of Interest...

Regular workouts can help children and teenagers boost their muscle strength.

Can exercise make kids smarter?
~New York Times

Can your company force you to be healthy?

Employers Preparing to Expand Wellness Efforts, Survey Finds - The costs of the health care reform law make it more important than ever that employers keep their workers healthy and motivated to adopt healthy lifestyles, a vast majority of employers said in a recent survey... To read more--click the link below.
~Business Insurance, a sister publication of Workforce Management

Ten minutes of brisk exercise triggers metabolic changes that last at least an hour. The unfair news for panting newbies: The more fit you are, the more benefits you just might be getting... To read more--click the link below.
~Dr. Robert Gerszten of Massachusetts General Hospital

How Safeway Is Cutting Health-Care Costs: Market-based solutions can reduce the national health-care bill by 40%.
~Wall Street Journal

Exercise, even if for only 10 minutes a day, can improve your mental state and manage depression.
~Mayo Clinic

Exercise -- at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week -- and an improved diet that's low in fat and high in fiber significantly helped with Type 2 diabetes prevention.
~New England Regular Journal of Medicine

“ … 17 worksite exercise programs supports the view that these activities improve employee fitness and help reduce health risks. Employers also benefit from reduced absenteeism and lower medical costs."
~Institute of Aerobics Research in Dallas, TX

Johnson and Johnson reported an annual savings in health insurance of $225/employee and averaged 8.5 million in yearly savings.
~American Institute for Preventive Medicine