Wellness Programs:

Individual Wellness Assessments

Individual Functional Age Assessments

Personalized Fitness Programs

Group Wellness Lectures

Group Fitness Activities

Health Care Time-Bomb Counseling

Executive Wellness Counseling

Ergonomic Work Station Analysis

Corporate Fitness Center Management

Weight Control—Lifetime Focus

Workplace HIV/AIDS Education

Stress Management— Improved Quality of Life


Get Healthy…One Step at a Time

Get moving in the right direction to improve your health by learning simple steps. Maximize your goals and overcome obstacles that limit your potential. If you want more daily energy, increased personal and professional productivity, then this presentation is for you.

The 20 Minute Fitness Miracle
How To Exercise safely and effectively, at work, home, or while on travel.

You will learn simple safe, effective, and efficient ways to exercise. You will learn easy exercises that may be done anywhere or anytime, at home or while on travel, to keep you healthy, energetic, and feeling good about yourself. If you are pressed for time, travel frequently, a stay at home parent, or need more available time each day, you need this program.

Fun, Effective Dynamic Team Building
I mproved Employee and Customer Relations

The benefit to your organization is improved listening and communication skills, improved problem solving, and group involvement. Effective communication and a fun work environment are keys to your corporate and personal success. This program is ideal for sales teams or departments, sport teams, teachers, students, or for those who want more teamwork out of their organization.

Increase Your Nutrition IQ
For Improved Daily Performance

Your body burns fuel throughout the day similar to a car engine. We can trade in the car when the engine is not working well but we only have one body. So, why not put in the proper fuel to achieve your optimal performance?