Wellness Programs:

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Wellness Lecture Series:
The wellness lecture series delivers timely health and fitness education with interactive large group presentations that motivate and support positive lifestyle changes. Topics:

  • Aerobic Conditioning:

  • Carpel Tunnel:

  • Core & Stability Exercises:Bosu­and­Ball

  • Diabetes & Exercise:

  • Fat Burning: 24-Hour­a­Day

  • Feet, Mine Hurt:

  • Flexibility for Injury Prevention: Full­Body

  • Functional Age: Younger­vs.­Older

  • Heart Disease: Have­It­or­Prevent­It!

  • Hypertension: Understanding & Controlling

  • Low-Back Injury Prevention Hands­On

  • Neck & Shoulder: Repetitive­Stress­Disorder

  • Nutrition: Maximizing Performance Daily

  • Positive Body Image: Daily­Creation

  • Self-Defense For Women

  • Stress Management: Health­&­Performance

  • Strength Training —Perfect­Technique

  • Tobacco & Nicotine: Why­Are­You­Still­Using?

  • Total Fitness for a Lifetime

  • Weight Control via Lifestyles vs. Diet

  • Workstation Ergonomics:

  • 15 Commandments of Wellness


Corporate Wellness and Your Bottom Line

Wellness more than health, more than fitness, is the answer for the Health Benefits challenge!  Wellness incorporates education, healthy lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, injury prevention, and stress management into a unified, cohesive program for all adults.  Wellness empowers the corporation to improve the bottom line by building a healthier, more productive workforce. 

The bad news about the health of your employees is the rising cost of their medical coverage.  Here is how it works without FitnessTalks! corporate wellness program – employee health benefits entitlement:

  • Alex is a supervisor.  He is working in an increasingly stressful environment with growing responsibilities that match the results his stress is producing.
  • Alex usually eats on the run—no time for balanced nutrition.  As a result, he has gained 30 lbs. over the last two years.
  • It is August.  Alex is at the company picnic where it is 90° in the shade. He joins the pick-up softball game.  Alex used to participate in recreational sports, but now there is no time.  He hits a line drive.  Rounding 3rd base, Alex collapses on the field.  Paramedics, ambulance ride to the hospital, Alex has suffered a heart attack. 
  • Recovery is slow. The corporation’s share of the medical benefits costs exceeds $120,000. That doesn’t include the cost of his absence to his business unit, the corporation, and family.  Is there an “Alex” in your organization – how many?

The good news is that FitnessTalks! wellness program is helping corporations improve the health of their most valuable resources—their people—while reducing medical benefits costs.  Employees receive incentives for participating in wellness activities and for living healthier lifestyles.  The cost of these incentives is returned many fold in savings to the company.   In addition to the savings in health care costs, these companies are experiencing a return on investment in employee productivity, reduced absenteeism, and improved retention.  Here’s how it works with FitnessTalks! corporate wellness program – employee health benefits responsibility:

  • FITT administers the LSQ and FAA to Alex, which identifies Alex’s health and fitness risks.
  • FITT helps Alex design and implement a program for reducing health risks and improving his overall health and fitness.
  • Alex learns effective techniques for Managing Dis-Stress.
  • He begins a Stress Management & Exercise program tailored to his abilities & lifestyle.
  • Alex integrates nutritious meals and snacks into his daily life.
  • Alex’s health care benefit utilization drops 46% due to his healthier lifestyle.
  • Alex hits a home run at the picnic, on the job, and in his personal life.

FitnessTalks! Corporate Wellness Program is the solution for Health Benefits Cost and a ROI!

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Download our Corporate Wellness Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)

Download Sample Employee Training Manual (PDF)