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“The staff now sees and understands the things we need to do for a healthier and disease free life, which makes for more productivity and less sickness.”
~Mark Brender, VP Corporate Communications, Space Imaging, Inc.

"Your session was well planned, effectively presented and made a meaningful connections to student learning. We appreciate your professionalism and willingness to share your special talent".
~MAHPERD Convention Planning Committee



About Jack Broderick

Jack has served as the International Quality Control Health & Fitness Consultant for the National Strength Professionals Association for 16 years:

1. Certified over 10,000 Personal Trainers since 1991-2007.
Jack’s Undergraduate & Graduate work includes; Sport Science,
Psychology, Gerontology, Adult Fitness, Cardiac Rehab, & Stress Management.

2. Designed & Conducts a Weight Management Specialists Certification, & Weight Management Workshops throughout the U.S., Japan, & Puerto Rico.

3. He Founded & Manages Fitness In Today’s Times (FITT) 1995. Wellness Services Provider to Corporations – Stress Management Based with Complete Self Defense Emphasis.

4. Extensive Medical Background Spanning 42 years:

  • Independent Field Medic With the USN & USMC.
  • Disease Intervention Specialists with CDC.
  • Published Wellness Based Researcher with NIDA.
  • Clinical Exercise Physiologist Greater Washington Centers Occupational Medicine.

5. Jack has Designed/built Health Clubs in Colorado, Maryland, & DC:

  • Served as a General Partner in Philbin’s Health & Fitness Center 1993.
  • Personal Trainer specializing in Pain Management and Functional Age Reduction.
  • Published – Human Kinetics as a contributing author on High Intensity Strength Training.

6. Marathoner, Snow Skier, Rock Climber, Hang Glider & Para Glider pilot.